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Originally Posted by Clipitar View Post
From what I've been hearing, Galchenyuk has been dominant in all aspects of the game, with little to no support from his linemates and a nearly abysmal Sarnia team. He will be fine.

Back to Grigorenko, anybody has any kind of reliable info about his age? Is the controversy actually based on any firm basis or has it been shattered already?
The age thing was a bunch of hogwash, from what I understand. I think one of the russian posters here would be more precise, but from what I remember the kid has gotten questions about it for the longest of times, ever since he was 6-8 years old, since he was not only bigger but displayed an advanced touch with the Russian language. That being said, considering how well he learned English since he got to North America, it could be possible that he has a natural gift for languages? I dunno.

On a side note, I like how Galchenyuk gets all the little things, he drives the net well and he does have a nice skill set. If I were to base my opinion off the little I've seen of him (unfortunately, I can't find full games), I would say that he will be an excellent player, but I'm not sure if I see a dominant offensive force at the NHL level. That being said, I will reserve judgement because I had not seen him up to that point, and it is likely that he is still getting back into the flow of things. I do expect him to put up some nice numbers, maybe a pacing of around 85-95 points, based on what my fellow Habs fans are saying. Help or no help, if he's as good as they say then I think that kind of pace is reasonable to expect considering his pedigree and the hype surrounding him.

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