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10-01-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by gleanerguy View Post
Mayor Brad Woodside said publicly at opening ceremonies for Grant Harvey that the STU contribution was $2 mil. Suspect that there have been some extra funds put into the women's program to make them competitive for hosting the CIS women's next year; and there were some funds devoted to the women's rugby program to play at the AUS level. If there was no corresponding increase in the athletic budget, it would mean the pie would have to be cut a little smaller for everybody. The men's hockey program, as the flagship for the school, would be the most visible example.
Here is my 2 cents.

If you contribute 2 million dollars for a place to play and if the team you put out on the ice can't compete because they are underfunded, what's the point? You have a great new arena to watch Tommies hockey but who wants to go watch loss after loss, night after night, other than me of course....and I am not saying they are going to lose this year either BTW, but if STU doesn't keep up ($$$$) with the UNB's, X's, Acadia's, then they are falling behind.

As far as the women are concerned I think it is great if they get more funding. I actually go to their games and am truly interested in seeing them do well but not at the expense of the men's team and vice versa. If people shared my opinion of women's hockey we wouldn't be having this discussion because people would show up to the games and support them in a similar fashion to the men...but they don't and they won't and no matter how hard I try or the school try's they won't change public perception of women's hockey. That takes time and will evolve over the next 50 years but people are blind to that thought, whatever.

St. Thomas, you have a new rink, a chance to become relevant again. Rebrand yourself, take advantage of this time, don't squander it away. Put the very best team on the ice that Troy Ryan can make and watch the fans come. We can get the same amount of people per game as UNB if people thought we could win. I think 1200 to 1400 people a night would put enough $$$$ in their pockets to pay for the men and subsidize the women. Everybody wins. A strong men's program at STU is needed.

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