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The first two lines down the center will likely be M.Koivu and either Filppula or Granlund, with the other one playing on Koivu's wing.

Third line likely requires a KHL centre. Kontiola and Immonen are the usual suspects, but if Lehterä can keep doing what he's doing, he's definitely rocketing to the top of that shortlist. Barkov as a wild card? Might be a little too soon. While the centre situation is not ideal, it's not hurting either.

Filppula - Koivu - Ruutu
Korpikoski - Granlund - [Armia/Pulkkinen/some sniper type, god please]
Jokinen - Lehterä - Bergenheim
Komarov - Lajunen [or some other 4th line type] - Hartikainen

Have the necessary wings too, save for one raw scorer we could use. Why are people dreaming about Barkov or OJ down the center when we need a true-and-tried sniper more than anything, damnit! Armia, have a breakout season... pleeeease. Or Pulkkinen. Somebody. Or do we STILL have to rely on Selänne, at 43?

Defense... could use more meat. Out of OD types, Pitkänen and Vatanen are locks. Timonen too, if he still plays. Still need one more to complete PP blueline. Niskala? A boring, albeit relatively safe pick. Määttä? Outside chance. Some relatively young SM-liiga guy taking the necessary strides? Teemu Eronen?

DD... Väänänen and Joonas Järvinen make two, and Lydman should still play. That's all we need. For backups, well, there are old warhorses like Kukkonen and Jaakola, though I'd really hate to rely on them. Still, stretched real thin. Even a single injury is a major blow.

Lydman - Vatanen
Pitkänen - Timonen
Väänänen - Järvinen
[OD type]

Won't bother listing goalies. Those we have covered.

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