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10-01-2012, 05:04 PM
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One simple solution to this Lockout

Simple.....mayby not "THAT" simple, but a solution that might work!

We all know the issue.......basically, more money for both!!!!
Let's make more money!!!

Not everything has to happen exactly as i write them!
Only some of them would close the deal!

Step 1:

An expansion right away
2 Canadians teams.........that's where the money is!!
Quebec and Markham mayby Hamilton....don't care, 2 CAN teams

Means a lot more REVENUES
Also means more jobs available for the players
Means rebalancing the division/association (less travel = more money fot the owners)

Step 2:

Phoenix become Seattle

More revenues
Less revenue-sharing

Step 3:

More playoff = more money

11 teams per association in the playoff instead of 8 (only 5 teams out of the playoff....considering the expansion to 32 teams)
3 teams will make more revenues and more profits for the owners than in the previous years.

Let's make the season more meaningfull........

First round:
Only position 6 to 11 face each other (3 series/association) in a 3 out of 5 series
Position 1 to 5 don't play.....
Leaves us 3 teams

Secound round:

Now we have 8 teams as usual, the traditional playoff as we know start.

Now it will mean a lot more than just home ice advantage to finish in the top 5!!!

And i just had a between 18 and 30 playoff games
A lot of money there!!!!

Step 4:

Crazy idea.......All-star Game means nothing and revenues are lower every year for that match.

East vs West

Since the Stanley Cup finals is between a team of each association
The winner gets Home ice advantage for the Stanley cup Finals.

Now this game would mean something and will be watch by far more poeple!!
More revenues

Step 5:

Allows teams (not forced them) to add ONE sponsors on their games shirts (Small, at the bottom int he back)....more revenues

Step 6:

The NHL Winter Classic has been generating a lot of revenues since 2008.
Double it up!!!

The American NHL Winter Classic
The Canadian NHL winter Classic

There you go.....more revenues!!!!

I'm throwing some ideas, but still....more revenues for everyone!
What's not to like!!!!
Pretty sure with all those ideas, the NHL would make enough money for both sides!

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