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10-01-2012, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Socratic Method Man View Post
Smallish third line centers are available in free agency most years. 20 point dmen are available in free agency most years. Top-5 goaltenders in the NHL are not. Top-5 goaltenders are ALWAYS signed to long-term deals before they hit free agency because they are so valuable. (Just as Luongo is signed to a long term deal - the only reason he could be available is because it appears as though Vancouver has 2 top-10 goalies).

One other thing to add. Look at the other top-goalies.

Rinne 7.0 cap hit
Lundquist 6.9 cap hit
Price 6.5 cap hit
Ward 6.3 cap hit
Miller 6.3 cap hit
Kiprusoff 5.8 cap hit
Quick 5.8 cap hit

Luongo 5.3 cap hit

So people are saying Luongo has a bad contract, but he has a very nice cap hit. And it's been established (and confirmed by Luongo himself) that he will only play for the next 6 years and then retire. (And if he doesn't retire at that point than he can be sent down to the minors anyways, since he does NOT have a NMC).

So it's actually a really good contract. It's just a complicated contract.
I HIGHLY doubt the bolded part. The only flimsy reason those "retirement" contracts held up was that the players all stated when the contracts were investigated that they intended to play the entire term. Because if they stated that those back years were just there to lower the cap hit of the contract, those contracts would have violated the spirit of the salary cap and they would have gotten voided, and the teams punished (ala NJD).

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