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10-01-2012, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Milan the Great View Post
I think a lot of the reason people see Phaneuf the way they do is because he's the eighth highest paid defenseman in the NHL.

Whenever I see him play, something just doesn't click. His hockey IQ is visibly poor for a top pairing defenseman. He doesn't get that if it's a 3 on 2 against you, going for a big hit is only going to create a 2 on 1 or even a 3 on 1. It's like he's in the NHL 13 mindset where big hits equals good praise and great play. I read an article where Calgary's old coach said that Iginla and Reghr tried to teach him how to play really solid defense and he ignored them.

He's decent offensively. His skating isn't great, but he is strong like you said. He does have a decent slap shot power, but as you said, can't hit the net with it. I remember when the Sens and Leafs had two games against each other last year. Leafs had something like 19 powerplays over the two games and didn't get a single powerplay goal. A big part of that is because their whole powerplay was Phaneuf getting the puck, Phaneuf shooting and Phaneuf missing the net.

I think his years in Calgary tainted a lot of people. Once everyone realized taking his shot out of the play really took his offensive effectiveness out of the game, his play dipped.

He is overpaid. His contract probably brings down his trade value a little bit. He's probably still worth a 1st+ though.
Cap hit wise maybe. Looking at salaries he is tied for the 12th highest.

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