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12-06-2003, 09:04 AM
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This whole situation really sucks :mad:
Just when the team is clicking too.
Hopefully some of these guys are back by the 23rd - we start a big 6 game stretch of all divisional rivals:
Edm @ Cgy (23)
Van @ Cgy (26)
Cgy @ Edm (28)
Min @ Cgy (29)
Col @ Cgy (31)
Van @ Cgy (3)

These games will be very important in deciding who finishes where at the end of the year.
But for the time being we play some bad teams (Pitts, Car, Clb, Min) as well as some good teams (Col, Philly, Bos). Hopefully the team can stick it out, come out of this stretch alright, get some players back, and start another roll with the divisional games.

What about:

Sappy Lombo Iggy
Gel Yelle Dono
Lowry Morg Kob
Oliwa Green Clark

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