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10-01-2012, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SupermanPahlsson View Post
The correlation between the two trades (Gardiner/Beauch and my Palmieri/Zajac one) is simply the NHL experience trade-off. I know that doesn't sound intriguing or anything, but you're trading away someone who hasn't shown a vast aptitude towards the NHL game for someone who has, and has had success at it. I think there's a net gain, because you also deliver Bobby Ryan his center, and open up a spot for Etem. And even then, it doesn't have to be Zajac, it could be any other center, but I know where you're coming from when you're hesitant to give up a top prospect for something that could be had with time (a bonafide 2C).

And I don't really see many similarities between Perry and Palmieri. They're both good on the puck, and both of their skating could use some work, but Perry doesn't back-off when he's met with resistance; he didn't pout when he used to get sent back to the AHL; and he (obviously) has much greater size than Palms. I personally don't see them as that similar, which actually speaks to Zippy316's point where he said I don't view Palmieri the same as the rest of the Ducks fans, which is true.
If you don't see similarities between Palmieri and Perry, you're just not looking. They are fairly obvious. Both have an agitation side to their game. They both have slick hands, and a good nose for the net. Both are willing to go to the dirty areas. Perry is, undeniably, the better talent but that's not the point. The similarities are there.

Your overall assessment of Palmieri seems to underrate him severely, if you're not dismissing him entirely. How can you say Palmieri hasn't shown aptitude for the NHL? He's considered one of Anaheim's best prospects, has dominated the AHL, and looked quite good during his last call-up. All of this points to an NHL talent, and a pretty good one. The only thing Palmieri lacks, in this discussion, is the experience and that's something that will come in time.

You're opening up a spot for Etem, but giving up Palmieri to do it... a player who has proven more at the professional level(AHL and NHL), and is further along in his development than Etem. One of your arguments against Palmieri is experience. You don't see the issue with this? Especially when it may not even be needed? This sounds an awful lot like repeating past mistakes, only in this case, it could be worse, because the Ducks could have in-house solutions.

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