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10-01-2012, 06:55 PM
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playing with the spreadsheet a bit more...
a 6 yr deal just doesn't look like it can satisfy both sides... 10 seems long..

here's an 8 yr option...

- Increased revenue sharing - obviously required.

Yrs 1-4:
1.89 bil +3%/yr.
Owner protection: yrs 3-4 can't exceed 55%. Player protection: can't dip below 50%

Yrs 5-8:
Becomes linked at 52, 50, 49, 48.
Player protection: Once revenue hits $4.75 billion: 50% min share. At $6 bil: 52% share

So At

3%/yr growth over 8 yrs:
Players: 52.7%, $15.5 billion

5% growth over 8 yrs:
Players: 52.3%, $16.5 billion

7% growth over 8 yrs:
Players: 52.0%, 17.6 billion

10% growth over 8yrs:
Players: 51.6%, 19.4 billion

Players' share would hover between 51.5-52.5%
Virtually ZERO drop in player in player actual $$, unless the revenues really dry up (less than 4%).
Long term health for the league achieved with their real dollars really increasing.

in a 5% growth model..
Players shares go from 1.89 bil to 2.23 bil in yr 8.
Owners shares go from 1.41 bil to 2.41 bil in yr 8.
So in Yr 9.. both sides would be set going fwd at splitting $4.8+ billion 50-50.

Players would still be sitting with the overall majority $$ share with this model... so owners won't like that... But they would be seeing a pretty great improvement in $$ share to strengthen the league ... i.e. no excuses for money being a reason for team failing to invest on their on-ice product.

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