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10-01-2012, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by AHockeyGameBrokeOut View Post
They would not be liquid shares. Shares sold to the public would be liquid, however, shares given to players as options would be done so via pink sheets. This prevents players from dumping their shares for quick cash.

Individual players SHOULD have more control over the teams they play for. The owners, the league, the players, and the fans all want this. The pending sale of the Islanders to LaFontaine is another example of this principle.

By the year 2040, most or all of the franchises in the NHL will be owned and operated by ex-NHL players.
Again.. proof that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Options that are issued as compensation aren't traded on the pink sheets, they're typically not traded on any listed exchange. They're generally long term warrants with restrictions on exercise and sale. And you said something about issuing shares earlier. Shares aren't "given as options". You're either giving shares or you're giving options/warrants.

Now.. take a deep breath, and reread everything you said in this thread and consider the following:
- Is any of this remotely realistic?
- How does any of this favor the current owner's interests? The CURRENT OWNERS are the ones who decide if this would happen. Even if this was realistic (it's not) and it would benefit the league as a whole (which is very questionable), it would hurt the current owners. They're not going to say "hey, let's all give up our teams because it'll be better for the league in the long run, even if we don't get the benefits of it!"

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