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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
I've seen fights happen in SM-Liiga but does the league have tough guys or even goons like in the NHL? Any players who fight often for example and the best ones at it? I don't think European leagues track the fighting stat the way does.
A fist fight is always 5+20 minutes + extra games for repeat offenders, so it's rarely worth it. About 5 years ago it wasn't unheard to have an unskilled goon on your bench but they've become rare after the maximum roster size was dropped to 18+goalies. There's still bunch of 3/4 line guys who are more eager to drop gloves but "pure" goons are nearly extinct.

Someone counted that the last season had 21 games (out of 420) with at least one fist fight but after a huge media backlash[*] just before this season every team is now extra cautious and avoiding any unwanted attention.

There's still lots of fans who love to speculate and analyze hockey fights. I don't really care all that much but here's a pre-seasonal expectation list made by someone on

Jonne Virtanen, JYP

Danny Richmond, Pelicans
Ilari Melart, HIFK
Matt Generous, Lukko
Ryan O'Marra, Pelicans
Semir Ben-Amor, Jokerit (probably not going to try anything after being slaughtered by media)

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