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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
I've read that it was $2 Million per year for 3 years. The talk is that with Doug Armstrong doing a great job as GM, and more of the public interface work being handled by Stillman and Armstrong than before, and The Blues now very good on the ice, JD's functions are mostly duplicated. The Blues can better use that $2 per year, elsewhere. In addition, I think Stillman wants more control than he had when Checketts was top guy, so sharing some of that with Davidson limits that goal.
Ahh, I wasn't sure but I guess $6 M total was the number. I'm not sure how much the buyout was for, but any money saved can help but the Blues on more stable financial footing.

Replacing Pleau as the voice of the front office was helpful in selling the rebuild, but with Armstrong in charge and the Blues having success on ice, JD simply isn't as needed as when he was hired.

Even if JD was nothing more than a pitchman for the Blues, he certainly earned his keep and was much needed at the time.

As you said, Stillman and Armstong have mostly taken over JD's old duties, so being able to save that money and use it else where is very beneficial for the Blues.

JD is a very personable fellow though, and I wish he could remain with the franchise long term. I think he relates to the casual fan very well with his combination of passion and relaxed demeanor. To me he seems like the kind of person everyone wishes they had for an uncle.

Hopefully he comes back to retire here once he is done with his hockey related career. I'd love to hear him and Bobby chat it up on KMOX for an hour or three.

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