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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
At least its not as bad as your current third.
Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
I'm probably one of the few NYI diehards, who didn't hate the Fisherman
I realize this is an OT tirade, but still…
#3 - I didn't HATE the logo as much as I hated the color adjustment and the jersey that went with it. And I STILL LIKE the Lighthouse logo on those uniforms.

They could have pulled off "acceptance" of the logo/uniform. You have to go in stages. You can't institute massive change and have it be accepted instantly. There were so many new things to dislike it was easy to have a united front: "We Hate THIS."

You have to fracture opinion. Had they had introduced the Lighthouse logo as a shoulder patch in the traditional colors, most fans probably would have loved it. Some would hate it. Then you make ANOTHER change: Third jersey with the Fisherman logo IN THE traditional colors with ONE new color added. That fractures the opinion into so many different camps you can do whatever and get away with it. You have EIGHT camps:
1. "Hate all the new stuff"
2. "Like the lighthouse logo, but hate everything else that's new"
3. "Like the accent color, but hate everything else that's new"
4. "Like the fishsticks logo, but hate everything else that's new"
5. "Like the fishsticks and the lighthouse, hate the accent"
6. "Like the lighthouse and accent, hate the fish sticks"
7. "Like the fishsticks and accent, hate the lighthouse"
8. "like the new stuff, all of it"

Now half your fan base likes at least half the uniform.
5/8 of your fan base won't like SOMETHING in the new look, but they'll all like at least 3/8 of it.
Your feedback isn't going to be total hatred. It'll be different things they hate.

They introduced all new concepts and everyone hated SOMETHING. If we liked ONE element of the new design, we all agreed THIS ISN'T GOOD.

The new black third jersey sucks. But they've tinkered with stuff so many times, there's not a ton of outrage. I don't even know how many times we wore it. All they had to do was use this progression as THIRD JERSEYS and it would have been little burning in effigy:

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