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Originally Posted by Speedy View Post
In your own words
There are no politics in Jr. A hockey. It is all business and the teams are privately owned and financed. And for $140,000 you can buy the Kanata Stallions. You will also need $100,000 per year to fund losses. Then you can install any player and goalie on your roster your little Speedy heart desires. No politics whatsoever.
I have no care or kid playing on any roster , but as you said players can be inserted onto a roster with the right situation (money) or parent backing the team , which equals (Jr A politics)
Not sure why you got so fired up about my comments. They were only opinions on what goalie I thought the colts would keep as a back up , once Ian found a true number one. Ian has a track record of finding great number one goalies over the years even at this time of the year when all the major Jr A teams are triming down to there final rosters. As for Conner Primeau if you read my earlier comments from a few weeks ago when he left the Colts over some in house issues as well as a few other players who could have returned to Colt land this year. You would have read what I said two weeks ago,Conner is a great player and a even better kid.
My little heart does not desire to put any kid on any team, but can you say the same since you brought it up Eddie. It's just what I heard and have read Ian is not happy with goalie situation. Has far as keeping local kids for business sense and billeting cost, not the norm with Colts and most other CJHl Teams. Best talent is the product that ends up on the ice. Local kids can AP from Jr B at no cost to the Jr A club, if they send imports down to Jr B it's a billet cost to the Jr A club. Now that's not a wise business decsion.
The question I have for you , is are you a somebody in the know or just a parent with thoughts on how things should be done in your opinion. Because you sure know a lot of detailed facts on certain players
Question #1 for Speedy....

You have 2 players that are very close with respect to skill, speed, desire and talent. But the USA import is marginally better. Perhaps he will score 2 more goals and 3 more assists in the season than the local kid. He will have no impact on the standings. Who do you pick ?

Question # 2-4

Why would you make a statement that the 3rd goalie is on his way to Alexandria ? Did you hear that from GM MacInnis or President Poirier of the Glens ? Why would you make a statement that has no basis in fact whatsoever ?

The back-up goalie is local and will win 5 of the 10 games for the Colts. The Montreal whiz kid will win 6 of 10. 1 game is not going to change the standings. Who do you pick ?

From a business perspective you have to consider costs (billeting) and other factors like education.

Perhaps the local kids will draw their familes and friends to the games. Perhaps a local business will sponsor the team or buy advertising because of the local content.

It is just business.

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