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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
Sorry about that.


Apparently, there's no "NHL-Only" provision in the arena deal:
The proposal requires the NBA. Hansen wants to be owner of NBA team not NHL though. It's more likely to see a NBA team back in seattle than a NHL team coming in seattle within the next two years. Its in hansen best interest to land a NHL but with someone else as owner. 80m dollars that he doesn't pay for out of his own pocket if we land a NHL team before transfer date. The county is on provides the bonds for that 80m.

The only way i could see it being built with NHL only if the owner to be makes an offer to city/county council to help pay for it essentially redoing the arena funding plan.

I am not worried about there not being a NHL only scenario. We have 5 years to land a NBA team. We will see NBA back in Seattle and get the arena built. Hansen wouldn't be doing all the things he has done to make sure this arena happens with out having an idea on availability of NBA teams that he could try to acquire.

Cuban owner of NBA dallas team was on KJR and pretty much said on air there are a # of teams out there that he could try to go after and acquire.

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