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10-02-2012, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Lobotomizer View Post
So you believe that Bettman's ego is greater than the opinions of the 30 owners who happen to be his employers? You believe that the 30 individuals who have accumulated the necessary wealth via sound business abilities will just sit back as wallflowers and watch Bettman use his "ego" to dictate the outcome of the lockout?

Or perhaps Bettman is actually doing his job as representative of the owners and speaking the collective minds of the 30 ownership groups...

I have a hard time believing that 30 multi-millionaires/billionaires stand by passively as Bettman plays a game of chicken with their personal investments. That doesn't seem to be the model taken by any of the owners when they were accruing the necessary wealth to become NHL owners...

But perhaps you are correct and Bettman has 30 comprimising photos that ensure the ownership group allows him to manipulate the negotiations negatively because he is "not a fan of hockey".
Bettman doesn't need the consent of the owners. His contract states he has authority over CBA negotiations. Sure they can fire him, but do you see that happening any time soon?

And we have to remember that most of these teams aren't huge money makers for their owners. Many are better off with no season than with one. The owners have other, better sources of income that they can rely on. So there isn't a huge incentive for a push from the owners to end this, even if they did disagree with Bettman's tactics.

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