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Possibly the most unfairly maligned Canuck in franchise history, in terms of fan/media perception.

The general narrative most Canuck fans seem to have about Mogilny is 'Yeah, he was great in his first year when he was in his contract year, then he cashed in and floated the rest of the way and did nothing.'

And that's basically entirely wrong - for starters, his 55-goal season wasn't a contract year, but that's a myth that never seems to die.

He was quite simply never going to match his 55-goal, 110-point season in an NHL where scoring league-wide was falling like a rock through that stretch. By 1998-2000, a 40-40-80 season was a comparable effort.

And was Mogilny going to score 40-40-80 when he was playing on a line with Brad May and Peter Zezel? Fat chance. I've never seen an elite player have such consistently crap linemates for such a length of time as Mogilny had from 1996-2000. Just an endless parade of stiffs. He generally scored at a 70 point/82 GP clip under those conditions, though, which given the era was not bad.

It's not a coincidence that as soon as Mogilny got to a good franchise with good linemates in NJ, he immediately tore off a 43-goal season.

Injuries, of course, didn't help either, and he was extremely unlucky on that front his last few years in Vancouver.

As was noted previously, he always had a frosty relationship with the media, who then took every opportunity to run him down. And the fanbase opinion followed the media, as it usually does.


Biggest thing Mogilny gets no credit for is his defensive play.

His defensive instincts were absolutely unreal. One of the best forecheckers I've ever seen - would just look like he was floating into the offensive zone, but his positioning was flawless and he'd break up/deflect more outlet passes than any player I've ever seen.

Mogilny was a funny player in terms of effort level. He wasn't a Kovalev, but obviously wasn't a guy who skated through walls either. Was like he was always at 95%.

If he'd played at 100% in all 3 zones all the time, I have little doubt he could have been a Selke contender a la Fedorov. As it was, he was still very good, as shown by how seamlessly he fit in under Lemaire in NJ.

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