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10-02-2012, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Dugray View Post
Couple of series came to an end this weekend including Hyouka which started during the spring. The entire last episode is just gorgeously animated and made it a real treat to watch and they didn't go out with a corny ass kiss or any stupid ********.

Also ending was Humanity Has Declined which ended up overtaking Sword Art Online as my favorite of the season, the series made me wish I understood Japanese as I'm sure there are hundreds of amusing language puns in there that just can't be translated over to english well.

Anyways, most series are coming to a close next week (some few are extending into next season.)

Most of the fall animes are starting early October, here's the full list as of today (will be updated often here

Anything stand out?

Gintama, Btoom, and Code Breaker are the ones I'm going to watch.

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