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Originally Posted by scout97 View Post
A few kids i watched and liked this weekend.

Colton white - great two way defender. Has great hockey sense and never seems to get caught out of position. He's a guy that you can trust in all situations cause of his quick feet and great first passes. Hes got all the tools both physically and skillfully to be a 1st or 2nd round pick

Carson brookshaw - really like how he plays. He's abit smaller but is always working In the corners and back checks hard. He's got good offensive instincts and can set up some pretty plays. Solid all around player and Defiantly a player too watch over the season.

Dede Cato - a very good offensive defensemen. average size, has great hands and is a pretty good skater. He can skate the puck up ice with ease and can make good passes when doing so. He's defiantly a player to watch.

Branden Johnston - probly the best goalie in the tournment. He faced a tone of shots this weekend and looked sharp yet calm doing so. He's got good size and positioning in the net and has good control of rebounds giving up no second chances to players infront of the net. One of the top goalies to watch from the allience.

Noah Bushnell - big physical presence on the ice. Very tough and hard to play against. He's got a great shot and hands and can score goals from far out. He's a good skater for his size and is strong on his skates. He could be a top 3 round draft pick this year.

There's way more players that impressed me this weekend
These were just a few of the many
Agreed with all of these players. All talented. I've really taking a liking to Cato from CK. Johnson is the best G at that tournament especially when you factor in his potential.

Bushnell - so much to like, gritty and hard working player with a great shot.

Some others I will list off the top of my head from each team that I liked:

- A Black and M Black (G)
- Nay, Gaboury, Lajeunesse, Prevel, Cascagnette (big skilled F), Gibson and Bastian

- Woods, Elms, Ferris, Alexander (G)

Cambridge (Didn't spend much time watching them)
- Grant, Jankowski

- Cato, Johnston (G), Carriere (G), Marlatt, C Murphy (small but tenascious), McEwan, Reed

Elgin-Middlesex (lots to like)
- Konecny, Mayo, Fazio (G), Crouse (outstanding showing), Coyle, Brookshaw, Worrad, Stolpe, Kim (best skater at the showcase)

Hamilton Huskies
- Chariot, King

- Huether, T. Nichols, Warren, Dundas (D - hammers the puck), Huber, Hansford (D - steady, smooth skater), Smith

- Moore (G), Hewton, Trottier

London Green
-Ameti, Cocurullo, Ferreira, Lochead, Lovie

London Gold (the entire team was strong)
- Fox, Szypula, Turnbull (G), Sloot, White, Vande Somple, Warren

Sun County (great squad)
- Primeau, Lauzon (G), Hall, Bushnell, Goulet, Carter, Markham (one of my favourite players last weekend), gagnon, Verbeek (great skater and slick)

Waterloo (didn't watch a lot of them)
- Collins, Hancock

- Friesen, Barnes, Robertson

Just a few players who were those teams' better players

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