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Originally Posted by Off the Boards View Post
I'm not in the know but just an observer, IMO they should keep Piccolino as the starter and Edwardson as the backup and cut Jenkins (never impressed me). Ian has brought in Justin Roethlingshoefer after a poor start in nets, so things arealways possible. Maybe a trade perhaps for Gunner Rivers??? or someone from another league.
Finally, someone that makes sense.

The recent Colts goalie issue and drama is to decide the # 1 goalie. That battle is between Picilino and Jenkins. The problem being, Picilino came out hot and impressed a lot of people but has struggled recently. It is odd that the team struggled too.

The recent struggles conerns IM. In addtion, Matt Jenkins is a wonderful young man and I do not believe he has been given an opportunity to show how good he can be. It is a confidence issue. I also believe IM has never been confident with Jenkins. It is unfortunate.

The Colts GM may go to market and do some shopping or give the current stud from Montreal an opportunity.

Gunner is a very good 17 year old goalie on an average team. If the Colts GM went market he would seek a proven 19 year old to lead the charge.

Enough on the Colts goalie situation. As the Soup Nazi used to say...NEXT !!!

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