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10-02-2012, 08:27 AM
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I believe, the only sport which has restrictions is football. Teams are not permitted to play D2 or D3 in football if they are D1 in other sports. Years ago they could. SOmetime in the mid-90s, the NCAA told those schools they had to move up to D1AA (FCS) or D1 (FBS), if they wanted to continue playing football. Big part of that was because D3 does not give athletic scholarships (at least at the time they didn't). But, if a students was good at football and another sport, they would get the other sport to give him a scholarship and then turn around and have him play football, as well. A guy I played football with in HS had that situation at St Johns. He was a good lacrosse player, as well. Borderline d1, but wasn't getting any other scholarships. Well, St Johns football wanted him and magically the lacrosse team offered him a full ride. St Johns has since dropped football citing the costs.

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