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10-02-2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Well it's given Canadians would watch their team (but without a real point to it all, not that much) but what's the point of it to Americans? I seriously doubt USA Hockey would want to play games for the benefit of Canadians. I also doubt NHL players would have any interest in these type of games, not to mention the owners.
The theme of the thread is Reasons for Year Rd. Int. Hockey. or a type of system as it exists in Europe with 4 breaks in league play to accommodate International games i.e. Eurotour. My point was that it would not fly in N. America and the only scenario I see having broader appeal to the greatest amount of hockey fans in N. America are the two which I stated. A revived World Cup or some sort of Canada-USA match-up. Why USA Hockey would be interested? Competition and money... Hockey Tournaments in Canada generate huge profits. Now the NHL can organize it if they wish? If they do not wish, then the NHLPA can organize it it cooperation with Hockey Canada/USA Hockey. If it happens great.. if it doesn't that's great as well... but I am in no way interested whatsoever in breaks to the NHL schedule 4 times per year for more international games, Canada jetting off to Stockholm to play Sweden. No thank you! I'd rather watch Toronto-Montreal.

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