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10-02-2012, 08:57 AM
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After playing this game for quite a while heres some thoughts.

1. The story is a lot better than borderlands 1. The game itself is a lot deeper as well, theres just more to do and I feel like I am not even close to finishing the first playthrough.

2. Leveling is sloooooooowwwwwwwww. I have been playing this for what seems like a long time and I havent even gotten to level 20 yet. I feel with this same time in Borderlands 1 I wouldve been in the 40's or so.

3. Weapon upgrades. They're just few and far between, especially early on. All you get access to is pistols in the beginning and when I was playing as Zero it seemed forever till I got my damn sniper rifle. The other frustrating thing is that the vending machines don't ever seem to have great weapons in them like I remember BL1 having. Theres also fewer weapon chests. When you add this to the slower leveling system it can become very difficult to significantly increase your damage output if you're having trouble with a certain section.

4. Humor. Some of the characters are pretty funny but others try to hard. It seems like a lot of the humor is forced and over the top. I don't expect a game to be written by good comedians but I wish they'd have toned it back sometimes as some characters are downright annoying when they're trying to be funny.


I am slowly prodding away through the first playthrough but unlike BL1 I seem to almost be forcing my way through. The leveling takes so long and you keep the same weapons for what seems like so long that clearing areas starts to get really tedious. I have only done the multiplayer once. I should utilize that more but the fears of ninja looting and someone rushing through quests and not being able to fully experience the story has held me back. Another thing that irked me was that there are already 4 DLC's expected to be released with the first coming Oct 16th. They are planning on charging 10 dollars for another playable class and also pushing some 30 dollar season pass thing that does NOT include that additional playable class. This is just a disturbing trend in videogames recently where it leads me to believe things were purposely withheld from the game in order for them to be sold as DLC shortly after. I get theres an argument that it creates incentive for new content to be developed for a game but I get mighty suspicious when theres DLC ready to go a month after the game is released and is announced basically when the game is released itself. It means to me that during the development of the game they purposely kept it out of the game with the intention on selling it on the side. People will still buy it and support it so we'll see it time and time again.

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