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12-06-2003, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
With all that said, the question becomes which flat tire does Lowe fix? Does he try to acquire a trigger man to work with any combination of York, Oates and Hemsky? Perhaps a solid defender like Vishnevski? Or maybe a goaltender of the future? Picks?
Well I'm not sure what to think. A few facts keep swirling in the brain. Every year when the Oilers have a slide you hear talk about how MacTavish should be canned. At the same time, I think you'll hear people saying that the team is missing critical parts, such as a true starting goaltender, 1st line C, #1 and #3 defender, PP quarterback, and veteran presence. It seems to me that if the coach were THAT bad AND the team is THAT full of serious holes, they wouldn't be only 2 games under .500. I guess they're only on pace for 76 points, though, so it could be a bit of both. Better teams (e.g., Dallas) have sucked more seriousl though, so its no proof.

I think the better plan might be to put the idea of Comrie being dealt on the shelf for the duration of the season, and watch how the current roster performs.
I don't see the harm in keeping one's ears open for offers. I think, however, this could look a little like Peca's story.

I honestly felt Lowe should have traded Comrie before the season, get the distaction out of the way.
I think he would have tried harder if he knew Comrie's camp would go this way. All signs appeared to point towards Comrie being willing to sign.

I just don't think it's obvious what this team needs most, so helping Anaheim seems the only real benefit of the Perry deal.
IMO the thing this team needs most is some top-2/3 picks. And it ain't gonna get any. The next most critical thing needed are patience and time (in that order)

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