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10-02-2012, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by StreakingRed View Post
I disagree. I say go with Tate, who is our starter. There's a reason he came out of camp as the #1, and he shouldn't lose that due to injury. Glenn has done an excellent job filling in, and because of that the stampeders have the luxury of being able to take their time with Tate. But when he's 100% good to go, it's his team.
That's initially how I felt to. But you hear guys like Lewis and others singing Glenn's praise all the time. If Tate comes in and starts and then loses the game I think that situation has the potential to hurt some of the chemistry this team has going. I think everyone knows this is Tate's team, personally I would wait for an opportunity where Glenn has an off game or even a off half and then put Tate in. If he lights up the opposing team right away then I would stick with him for the duration of the season.

I just think its hard to sit Glenn with how well he's been doing.

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