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10-02-2012, 10:59 AM
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There are 13 people who think that the season will start in October or November. How is that possible? They aren't even in the same ballpark and it's already October 2nd. They aren't even discussing core economic issues.

I'm almost positive at this point that the whole season is toast, quite possibly more.
It's pretty obvious IMO that the players have been planning this ever since Fehr was hired, it's all about them trying to stand up to the "bully" in the owners by showing them that what happened under Goodenow's regime won't happen again and with Fehr in charge and having the players completely brainwashed, i don't see them caving for a loooooong time. I think this is more about the players wanting to "win" than any financial gain although i guess the two go hand in hand..

Add in the fact that there is no chance that the owners cave because lets face it, they can afford to lose a season or more a lot more than the players can, so they will never cave, the ball is completely in the players' court IMO.

Plus, with this supposed talk of progress on small issues over the weekend, we have this.....


If you have any doubt what a stalemate the NHL lockout has become, consider this: talks took a step backward last weekend because the league and the NHL Players' Association could not agree on who should pay for a) an extra trainer on the road and b) for each player to have his own hotel room.

Players felt teams should pay for both, especially since an extra trainer is a safety issue. Apparently, some teams only travel with one. As for single rooms, well, they've been fighting for that since Matt Stajan made Joe Nieuwendyk watch The Fifth Wheel. Right now, you can be solitary if you've played 600 NHL games.

The league, of course, feels otherwise, that these are added costs and should come out of hockey related revenue. There's no consensus and everybody leaves grumbling.
If they can't agree on minor issues like that then there really is little hope that they resolve any large issues anytime soon. Hell, they won't even discuss the core economic issues and we're already in October and furthermore, they still haven't even defined HRR yet so i just don't see any way that they resolve all these issues in the next few months and quite frankly, i don't think that either side really cares all that much. It's quite sad actually and we fans deserve a whole lot better than this.

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