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10-02-2012, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by TheSilfverBullet View Post
Agreed with you until I read this. I don't know what you constitute as "carrying". Perhaps I have a different view point on carrying, but Michalek showed he is a top-6 winger this season regardless of how well Spezza or Karlsson played. Was his point totals affected by having these two players alongside him? Sure. But he wasn't being carried, by any means.
Put Michalek in Alfie's spot, so with Turris and less ice time with Karlsson, and the guy doesn't touch 35 goals or 60 points last year. I'm thinking more in the 45 point range.

I guess you could say that's top 6 though

Originally Posted by JonnyMacSen View Post
I get the feeling this may be Petersson's last year to either make the team or get traded to a team that he can, otherwise I could see him heading back to Sweden.
He'll be at training camp pretty much no matter what next year imo.

Needs to keep progressing in Bingo though

I could see playing this year in the AHL, the half a year in 2013-14, then if he hasn't played himself on the team by then, he'll be in tough

Originally Posted by MoreGore View Post
handicapping the odds of guys being a regular NHLer and being top 6 (barring injuries)

Zibanejad: 90%,70%, (30% 1st liner)
Silfverberg: 95%, 75% (15% 1st liner)
Stone: 80%, 40% (5% or less 1st liner from here on)
Noesen: 50%, 30%
Prince: 25%, 20%
Peumpel: 20%, 15%
Peterrson: 15%, 15%
Pageau: 10%, 10%

It does not matter who the competition is becasue they can get moved to another team in a flash.

That of course was off the top of my head.....or perhaps pulled out of my butt
yeah it was

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