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10-02-2012, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Maverick41 View Post
I can't give you any inside information or even tell you how he has played so far.
The only thing I can tell you is that he scored 2 goals and had 1 assist in the first two regular season games.

Game 1 they played at Ratingen:

0-1 (29:21) Fabio Pfohl (Dennis Fischbuch, Nico Opree) 5-5
0-2 (43:29) Nico Opree (Fabio Pfohl, Jari Neugebauer) 5-5
0-3 (44:09) Manuel Strodel (Daniel Schmölz, Philip Riefers) 5-5
0-4 (45:45) Denis Fominych (Markus Schmidt, Philip Riefers) 5-5
0-5 (46:10) Dennis Fischbuch (Michael Hrstka, Jari Neugebauer) 5-5
0-6 (56:17) Joseph Lewis (Oliver Mebus, Eric Stephan) 5-5
0-7 (57:26) Nico Opree (Dennis Palka, Stephan Fröhlich) 5-5

Game 2 they played at home against Krefeld:

1-0 (03:40) Dennis Fischbuch (Benjamin Hanke, Denis Fominych) 5-5
2-0 (14:10) Joel Keussen (Oliver Mebus, Marius Schmidt) 5-5
3-0 (18:23) Manuel Strodel (Daniel Schmölz, Joel Keussen) 5-5
4-0 (26:06) Manuel Strodel (Joel Keussen, Daniel Schmölz) 5-5
5-0 (30:04) Joseph Lewis (Markus Schmidt, Daniel Schmölz) 5-3
6-0 (33:44) Dennis Palka (Joseph Lewis, Mats Schöbel) 5-5

I hope this was somewhat useful for you.
Thanks, Elite Prospects haven't put up any stats yet and I knew he had played at least 1 game because he had a picture on facebook, so this was useful.

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