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10-02-2012, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by AndrePetersson View Post
I always look to see where people rank Prince in relation to Petersson in these things because they are both small wingers with a lot of skill.

If they rank Prince significantly higher, I can safely pay less attention to the rest of their opinion, mostly because Petersson has been significantly better at every level (at the same age).

Men's league vs. Jr. league
Go-to player on WJC team vs. Not on WJC team (though you could argue that team politics got in the way)

It's clear Ottawa 67's bias.
Actuall I beg to differ. Perhaps I overrate Princes ability to make the transition to pro hockey, but it is not related to a 67 bias.

What I hear about Petersson is that he lacks a level of commitment needed to make it happen. This raises his risk factor. He has the athleticism to be a prductive NHLer, but he needs to raise his 'want it' factor.

At this time, I think Prince has a higher 'want it' factor, more likley due to the fact that I have not heard anythign against him in that respect. I suspect that he does not have the same level of athleticism as Petersson though.

As for the above poster not liking my percentages..... you have a butt, pull out your own numbers and let us see how you see the players potential. We are all just making our own evaluations of course.

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