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Originally Posted by HobeyBroten View Post
How does the HUT work? Do you have to purchase credit with cash/CC to get different cards or do you acquire them as you play throughout the season? I am curious because one night when I came back from the bar I set up a team (I guess) and I don't remember what I did nor do I recall how it all works, but it seems to be the most popular mode you guys play. Little ?
Basically, you get a starter pack of players (which gives you a full team) and you play games (against the CPU or others like you) and receive "pucks" for your performance in that game. Pucks is the currency in which you can purchase packs of cards or go to the online auction house and purchase players that other people have put up for auction. You build your team through the use of these "pucks" or even trading with other people online. I probably missed a few things, but that's basically the concept.

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