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10-02-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by RTN View Post
I know there's US schools who do it, I just think the NCAA would try and resist (at least initially) having a Canadian school in Div 1, since quite a few US schools draw players draw from the BCHL. Though, I'm not sure if the NCAA can legally keep them out if they wanted to have a varsity team in Div 1.

Does anyone know if Div 1 requires schools to have an on-campus ice rink? SFU doesn't have one and probably won't any time soon.
I think you're overestimating a tad how much the NCAA cares about hockey. It's a good sport for them and is one of the few other ones that make money in certain areas versus how almost every other sport is a guaranteed money loss everywhere, but they're essentially extremely focused on the actual money makers, football and basketball. Don't think they'd really cringe at the thought of a Canadian university drawing Canadian hockey talent to compete in the Frozen Four, tbqh. They'd have to likely deal with being in the soon to be even more sprawling WCHA, though.

Plus, if anything, I'd honestly imagine that the NCAA would love to have a couple Canadian universities join to expand their market footprint. I really do think that they'd love to have a Canadian team in a bowl game or in March Madness. SFU might even make sense to be a draw for those sports, especially basketball, for Canadians that want to play in the NCAA but would prefer to stay in-country.

..... though their nickname would probably make a few people uncomfortable when they first hear it, haha.

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