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10-02-2012, 12:33 PM
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I have just about lost patience. The longer this goes, the less I will care about professional hockey. Which is sad, its my favorite sport, a sport ive played for the past 15 years and still do. The New York Rangers are my passion. But ya know what? Like being in love with a girl you thought you'd never be able to live without, once some time goes by without her in your life, you move on, find other things and you don't end up missing it as much as you thought.

The NHL runs a serious risk of losing true, die-hard fans. If this can break my resolve and patience, it can break anyones.

**** this whole thing. Seriously.

Unless something happens very soon, I won't give a **** about half a season. I won't be going to any games, or buying any merchandise. I want a FULL season. Nothing less.

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