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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Another thing that irked me was that there are already 4 DLC's expected to be released with the first coming Oct 16th. They are planning on charging 10 dollars for another playable class and also pushing some 30 dollar season pass thing that does NOT include that additional playable class. This is just a disturbing trend in videogames recently where it leads me to believe things were purposely withheld from the game in order for them to be sold as DLC shortly after. I get theres an argument that it creates incentive for new content to be developed for a game but I get mighty suspicious when theres DLC ready to go a month after the game is released and is announced basically when the game is released itself. It means to me that during the development of the game they purposely kept it out of the game with the intention on selling it on the side. People will still buy it and support it so we'll see it time and time again.
Borderlands had a ton of DLC too. But it was all pretty awesome with the exception of one of them. AFAIK they didn't start working on the Mechromancer until the game went gold. And they didn't just announce it, it was announced at PAX last year that they would work on it after the game went gold and release it as DLC after, and that they would try to make it free. It ended up being free if you pre-ordered the game, and they announced that before the game launched so if you were going to buy the game and didn't pre-order you only have yourself to blame.

I will always support Gearbox because they're a company that really does a lot for their fanbase, and they make awesome games.

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