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A little bit of info regarding the "Giroux situation" which I've already talked about in my previous post.

Short interview with Jagr -

How real is the possibility of Giroux coming to play with you in Kladno?
Very real. It's only about the way he will decide. He will play either in Omsk or Kladno as far as I know. He knows that he can come, practice and play here (Kladno) anytime he wants.

You have played for both Kladno and Omsk. Does Giroux consult his next employer with you?
We're talking to each other pretty often and he knows that I've been to Omsk and that I liked it there. They're enormously interested in getting him but there's a big problem - there's no Canadian playing for Omsk. None is either in Kladno - but at least I am here.

In case of certain players, insurance has been a pretty big issue. Does this count also for Giroux?
[I]Not so much. A while ago I've talked to an insurance company - and they said that if a player pays his own insurance, such player would get a discount. Such discount could be even 40 percent because he has no 10yr long contract. His contract is only for 2 yrs and therefore his insurance would be much less expensive as opposed to Tomas Kaberle.

What time horizont are we talking about?
As far as I know, he can come over to Europe on wednesday. He might either go to Omsk as I recommended to him because he can make a lot of money there - we can't give him anything. But he's highly aware of that. The other option is he would come here (Kladno), obesrving how will the lockout situation continue. And if the lockout really lasts longer, he might go somewhere else anytime he wants.

This could be a case of everyone else - e.g. about Jirka Tlusty, the fans are speculating about him leaving because his insurance has been paid for one month only...
That's another problem. Jirka (nickname Tlusťoch - fatty) is doing a spectacular job and we've made an agreement that in case he gets some good offer he might leave. He's one of those young guys who haven't made so much money so ... the agreement seems pretty clear.

But what about the roster? Where would Giroux fit, Kladno's already stacked.
No problem. I would go to defense, Židla (Zidlicky) would take care of it all. (laughing)

Are there any other options from NHL you're looking at?
No, it's just about G. Right now we have very quality roster for being succesful. If we'll keep playing well, we might also keep winning. On the other hand, Giroux isn't some random average player. He's in the TOP3 in the world. And if there's a chance to get him playing in our league, why not taking it?

The rest of the interview is in the regional newspaper "Kladensky denik" to which I have no acces.

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