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10-02-2012, 01:03 PM
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One player after another signs to play in the KHL or Euro leagues. Some to stay in shape, others to pay the rent. ESPN3 will now stream KHL games to your phone or tablet. Just when you thought Rads was out of your life completely. The PA and the owners continue to test our patience with these meetings on "non-economic issues". Rumors swirl that the owners deadline is Dec. 1, or that Bettman is considering replacement players if not resolved by Thanksgiving. Blah Blah Blah, Yada, Yada, Yada.

Our ownership continues to play "Good Cop" with these Season Ticket Holder Alerts highlighting all the perks of being a season ticket holding fan of a locked out team. I was just about to reconsider leaving my money in their hands until they offered the free "Meet & Great" with the cast of Disney On Ice. Why can't they lock us out every year.

The owners will eventually break the players. Except for MLB, it always ends that way. The only drama is how long the players hold out. It will end with hard feelings and the unity of the product will take a hit.

We'll start the season after Thanksgiving, and the shortened, uneven schedule will be fine if we win and make the playoffs, but tragic if we stub our toe early and can't get it going.

They'll paint Thank Yous under the ice and try to convince us they stabilized the league for years to come, only to have the next CBA deadline turn into another lockout.

Wake me up when we get to December. Every day now is another Seinfeld episode: (about nothing). I'll catch Rads on my Razr and act like I don't care. Truth is, I do care but I'm so disgusted with all of them and refuse to show it.

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