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05-09-2006, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by hotwheels
Well my entire game (eventhough its beer league) is built on speed, i'm one of the fastest if not the fastest in the league, i need skates that will give me the support to take quick turns and just burn out of the gates. I haven't really heard much at all about the Graf skates, are they good? Good support at the ankles? Light weight?

Because i think you know since you have the same issues with the feet, that with some skates, your feet feel like they are overheating and you just dip them in ice cold water during shifts, i have to do that and man the water that i spray on it just adds more weight.

I want to be able to wear skates and be comfortable for once, i am gonna go when cyclone taylor's is open (which is 6pm, hard to get there because of work). I am going to have to try on quite a few pairs of skates. Thanks for the help, i am going to check out Graf's, just searching them on the sites right now (sportschek, cts...etc) they look pretty wide.
Sorry, I'm a little late on this.

I find weight as one of the lower factors when buying a skate. With my feet being a little awkward I find more gains being comfortable than forcing my foot into a narrow skate. I can move in any skates that fit well, Easton's were the only ones that were noticably slow for me.

What did you end up getting?

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