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10-02-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by robwrx04 View Post
This may be dumb and probably already said, but why don't they each take the other's proposal and play?

Example. If PA's offer was the Owners to take 45, and the Owners's offer was for the PA to take 45, why not each get 45, put the rest of 10% money into escrow, and divide up the money when the CBA is complete so they can at least play and still make money? To add onto this example, if they come out 50/50 split, split the rest of the 10 depending on what they agree upon?

Let me know if I don't make any sense and I'll clarify.
i like the idea, but i imagine there's more to their differences than just the HRR figure. good idea, though.

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