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10-02-2012, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by silvercanuck View Post
The political issue with the Key Arena seems to be another obstacle holding this back that makes absolutely no sense. Why do they need to save such an outdated building and have written guarantees that a new arena can not compete with the Key? It's ridiculous. The Key does not attract enough big events and it generates an insignificant profit. They should let the Key die or re-purpose it.
Two words: The Astrodome.

It's going to cost the City of Houston at least $125 million to do SOMETHING with the Astrodome.
-- Tearing it down costs more than they can afford.
-- Renovating it costs triple the price of tearing it down.
-- Doing NOTHING only costs $2 million a year in insurance.

Seattle doesn't want a situation where Key is money down the drain. Keeping it operational as a venue that can at least break even is in their best interest.

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