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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
We have great contracts up and down the lineup, Gillis cap plan has been a great success.

If we sign Ehrhoff for 5.5m then we don't get Garrison for 4.6m, and Garrison might turn out to be the better player.
Gillis' cap plan has been a great success so far. Assuming Garrison is able to gel with Edler and Edler re-signs and we keep our salary structure, then it was a huge success. But if it causes Edler to walk, the loss of him and Ehrhoff is enough to transform what was previously a strength into a weakness. It's really, really difficult to replace top-end talent like Edler through free agency, and impossible to do while keeping the current salary structure anyways.

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
I was kind of musing on this the other day: Which will help this team more: Garrison or Ehrhoff? Essentially, this is the swap.

We know that when Edler had a legit right-side partner in Ehrhoff, both excelled offensively. But perhaps Garrison will provide more balance? The key is still the chemistry between the two. I think Garrison is smart enough to play alongside Edler, but then I also thought the same of Salo... That didn't work out so well.

In fairness, Salo was a shade of his former self, so all things weren't equal. Interesting question nonetheless.
I really hope Garrison works out, but it was risky to let Ehrhoff walk. If we hadn't managed to sign Garrison, we'd be stuck with the dreadful Edler-Bieksa pairing that AV seemed to love near the end of the season. And even now we don't know if Garrison will work with Edler. Ehrhoff complimented Edler really well, but Garrison plays a very different style.

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