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10-02-2012, 04:01 PM
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It's a sign of the times.

As a 'blogger', I hate that KPD throws-out blanket statements about a group I happen to belong to... personally, I think it's silly.

There are great bloggers, who put just as much effort and intelligence into their work as any newspaperman; and there are chumps who just regurgitate the news and act shocking and post things designed to get hits.

There are probably an equal number of the latter and the former - with plenty in-between - but the latter really have done to sporting-news what bombastic round-the-clock viewer-greedy news networks have done for 'the news'.

I can understand KPD - and others' - frustration, but his reactions only seem to endeavor to alienate the two sides' further.

Personally, I love newspapers. I love what they represent and I love the tactile pleasures of reading from a broadsheet. My father was (and is) a member of the newspaper press. I respect what MSM guys did to get where they are; I understand their fear and frustration at the current situation.

If MSM guys want to differentiate themselves from the blogger 'rabble', it has to be through their own content - and certainly some do. Their writings must be superior from the 'rabble' to earn that kind of respect. They need to show superior journalistic integrity. Otherwise, they're just guys with bigger pulpits and salaries - and in this day and age have no more right to the reader's eye than anyone else.

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