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10-02-2012, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by BostonBruins4 View Post
That isn't a problem. I guess I might be nervous that it might be too soon or something, or maybe that i'd lose interest after it happened. Every other girl i've been with since my ex, I pretty much turn into a jerk, and I don't know why. I heard some advice saying, "the best way to get over one is to get under one." Probably over thinking this whole thing because I do like her, and I don't want it to just be another notch. Oh well, time to make it happen. Tonight. See what happens. Ugh. Thanks for the responses ya'll.
So you're looking for more than a fwb with her? Not a good idea. The age difference means nothing if you're looking to get laid, but for anything more, it usually causes a ton of problems. Not to mention a majority of people that age aren't ready to settle.

My opinion? You're thinking way too much into it. Just have fun. It's not like you're going to marry this girl one day.

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