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10-02-2012, 04:31 PM
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So the fun is starting. Changes include adding a 5 year option at the end of the deal with a requirement to have 40 hockey events a year with 30 non-hockey events; a $30K deduction would occur for each event under the 30 requirement.

New Management Fee:
1. $11M
2. $14M
3. $15M
4. $15M
5. $16M

With $500,000 each year for capital improvements. Overall life of the deal lowered to $320M. Lockout penalty=$60,000 per each game missed. A bonus of $600,000 will be given for every additional 20 events over the 30 non-hockey events.

Joyce comments that she met with the current owners of Westgate who said they have tenants willing to move in after the Coyotes agreement.

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