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05-09-2006, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Anksun
Shabutie, no no no, dont tell that.

Everyone's knows those who wants to get a player to reduce the weakness of Ribeiro and works on his strenght arent habs fans but Ribeiro's fans...

Everyone's knows that there are plenty of players on the market with 0 weakness that we could add for free.

Personnally now, If they can improve the center position at the expense of Ribeiro, it's ok for me. But i feel like there are better possibilities and needs for the habs. At the end of the day, if the habs gets a big talented defenseman and a winger at the expense of dumping Ribeiro for another center... well, easy choice, welcome back Ribeiro.
I disagree. Here's why; While Arnott MAY have a better point production next year (which isn't a given if you take a look at his past seasons before his ufa year) he will be majorly overpriced. So when it comes to Ribs vs Arnott, I'll take Ribs. Next year's UFAs are much more attractive at the center position. I'd rather make a bid then (especially since Perez and Kost should both have a roster spot by then...knock on wood). I don't really see us being contenders till our guys develop anyway.

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