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10-02-2012, 05:22 PM
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NHL Fan Boycott

Both sides of the NHL lockout are squabbling over money that that they see is owed to them. We're on the brink of losing an NHL season - AGAIN - because both sides are guilty of greed.

Let us not forget whose money they are fighting over. Our money. It's not even theirs that they are fighting over, they're fighting over the "theoretical dollars" that they project for us to spend on their game, their merch, and their brand.

How about this: We launch an NHL Fan Boycott petititon whereby we, the fans, vow to not spend a penny, or watch a single game, of the NHL for every game that is locked out. That means if it takes 50 games to figure out that we might just stop giving them our money, we boycott an additional 50 games. If they lose the season, we refuse to watch or spend money on the next season. Then they can start *****ing about a significantly smaller sum of money.

With the internet, and places like HF, it would be relatively easy to do, and maybe - just maybe - the owners and players would start to realize that if they keep treating their fans and their money as a given, they won't have any of either.

Ideally, we and the power of the internet, can end this ******** lockout before it even starts.


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