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05-09-2006, 05:12 PM
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It's been beat to death guys, for a Shark's team that was celebrating all their hits in the first game it strains your credibility to cry when you get some payback. Smith hit = Torres hit, don't really care if you haven't seen it or believe me, it's just a fact. Neither was called a penalty and neither would garner a suspension. If the league decides to protect it's players from head shots it can change the rules and it very well might, but all the pissing and moaning now isn't going to change things.

The refs have definitely laid off the whistle in this round compared to the first one or the Sharks would have been in the box all night in game 1 and both teams would have been called a lot more in game 2. There were late hits and hits from behind all over the place, but you come to expect that when the games mean more.

You can't live on the edge of the rules and cry foul when you take a shot back once in a while. Give it a rest.

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