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10-02-2012, 05:53 PM
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As a Bruin fan I have no trouble admitting Kessel was very good for us once he had a chance to play... his playoff performance was strong too. He was NEVER our type of player. Our fan base is incapable of appreciating talent of this type. We didnt appreciate Thornton either. We like our star players to be able to fight like Neely and Lucic and OReilly and the like... the pure talent types never get much respect unless they are damn good at the defensive assignments too and Kessel will never be much good at anything other then offense.

Kessel has a weird personality too.

BUT if a team wants pure offense then Kessel is one of the top 10 talents in the NHL for being able to create pure offense almost single handed. A trade of a guy like this would be worth 2 first rounders. Specially at his age. Kessel has not had great teammates to play with yet... or a great team to take checking away from him. At some point I fully expect him to break the 50 goal barrier.

Seguin may become something special.. but its more likely Boston will run him out of town like we did Kessel. Lets hope we get a good return for him too if that happens. Hamilton to me... is the guy i expect to ultimately be the best return for Kessel. Knight might be a factor too.

So I would say Boston did great in this trade... but there is no guarantee Toronto would have got Seguin/Hamilton if the deal hadnt gone through. We cant really judge this trade Kessel for specific pics... only for the pics themselves.

If I was Boston and we traded 2 first and a second for Kessel, I would have been ok with the deal. For his sake, i wish his personality wasnt so weird. He will never be a popular player with the fans as a result of it. But he is a very talented offensive machine and those do have value.

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