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10-02-2012, 06:31 PM
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I'm not a boycott kind of person and realistically, I don't know how this would hold up, however, starting with a petition is probably the only way for fans to be heard by anyone involved in these negotiations. At this point, signing the petition shouldn't have the expectation that every fan will follow through, but rather 'x' amount of fans are fed up with both sides and put the threat out there. If players and owners receive something like that and still continue to posture and talk about no progress, well they can't really say much else to save themselves in a PR battle.

I think you'd have to have a petition letter that's pretty scathing and threatening to both sides. No 'Bettman I'm a lifelong hockey fan, please no lockout'. I'm talking about putting both sides on blast for being disingenuous, completely self-serving and despite the PR speak, both sides have shown absolute disregard and disrespect to their loyal fans who not only came back the last time, but put more money in their pockets than ever before and we get repaid with yet another lockout because both sides keep talking about 'fair' when fair is really about getting the better end of the deal.

How realistic would it be to get 1 million signatures? Tweet it to all of those social media loving players and agents on Twitter, to the official accounts of the NHL and NHLPA, facebook it, trend it...

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