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05-09-2006, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Icekube
a) Michalek was moving very slow and was practically a sitting duck, Torres had all the control in this collision. Any notion of "everything happens so fast in the NHL" is off base here. This is also a stark difference from, say, Stevens' hits, who would line up against a fast skating opponent. Michalek didn't see it, so he couldn't react - again all the control of the impact was in Torres hands.

b) Usually the shoulder is dropped a bit or stays the same for the best impact. Lifting it in a shoulder on shoulder collision would make impact less effective. Torres raised his shoulder by a quite a bit and leaned backwards. This lined up his shoulder perfectly against Michalek's head.

a + b = intent to injure

Torres' shoulder into Michalek's head because he was snoozing on the job = great hit.

He lined him up and he wanted to send a message, I would say he sent that message pretty darn well. It WAS legal and Torres will do it again given the chance, I would be disappointed if he would have let up.

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