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Originally Posted by doug5984 View Post
(This is more just a thinking out loud post - but any advice would be appreciated)
Wow. You have some great talent. Was looking at their Qs and you have some talented individuals. I'm with you in regards to selling your backup. He'll never surpass your starter so may as well sell him. I'd recommend carrying 3 GKs. That's plenty. I former number 1 was passed by my number 2 who in a few seasons will be passed by my number three. I should have just played my number 3 all this year for the exp since he's strong enough to win in div2, but once the number 2 was challenging for the clean sheet trophy I didn't have the heart to deny him of that.

In general, if you want to rebuild, sell anyone 4/6 or worse. Depending on the magnitude of your rebuild you could sell all 5/6 who are destined for 4/6 soon. However 4/6 and mediocre OR won't fetch that much - it's a tough call.

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