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10-02-2012, 09:08 PM
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I found this part at the end as most compelling:
And yet divulging information they consider privileged is not the greatest worry for these companies. Instead, it's this: relinquishing private knowledge about how much they have profited from the labor of college athletes illuminates these companies' own susceptibility to being sued by O'Bannon. After all, if the NCAA wrongly profited from the names, likenesses and images of college athletes, then companies in contract with the NCAA have arguably done the same.
I find the manner in which colleges and their partners have profited off student athletes beyond repugnant. They lure these kids in with promises of a 'college eduation' and implicit in that is the better life and opportunities that come to those qualified to not only gain entry to college, but to complete a degree program.

They sell hope, but fail to deliver on most of it except in the cases of those athletes that go on to the professional leagues. A development league doesn't need to be set up in colleges, but here we are, another example of the Great American Way and the inherent hypocrisy thereof. A Great Way to profit off the underprivileged classes.

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